Thursday, 3 September 2020

Making Haven


Feeling a little nostalgic today for this dear to my heart little blog spot. 

This blog was conceived and commenced while I was undergoing a long year of enforced isolation due to medical treatment. I always thought the name of this blog was a little awkward. Making Haven. I knew what it meant to me but I thought other people might think it was a craft blog. I had a list of other names and the one I wanted to use was "Memory's Ship'. However the blog name Making Haven persisted in making its presence felt in my mind. 

At the time I was living and working in an urban location, and my husband and I were spending most of our weekends here in the country. I longed to make a shift away from the circumstances I was currently living to my own idea of haven. I longed to reach my own safe harbour, Arrive at quiet and peaceful sanctuary. To finally make haven. And I did. Now I reside in that safe harbour  - after a long time sailing to reach haven. 

The second meaning that abided under the title Making Haven, was about how I could set about making my home - where ever that was - a haven, my safe harbour, a place to shelter from the harsh winds of everyday life. Though no life can entirely escape the effects of harsh winds, or changing tides, I wanted to set about deliberately creating my sanctuary to restore, refresh, and rekindle. Restore what I felt the world was trying to take away. Refresh my world weary soul. Rekindle my creative self. 

And this year, I am more grateful than ever to have made haven.


  1. Sherri, I am glad you find your haven. It has been quite a year and having a haven to come home to is such a relief. I can't imagine living in a busy city.

    1. Thanks Chel. I imagine some of the attraction to living in a busy city lies in the bustle providing some with a sort of energising effect, and the access to theatre, restaurants and other entertainment opportunities, as well as the beautiful parks and rivers that most city dwellers are able to take adavantage of. During a pandemic, or times of civil unrest most of those attractions are taken away which would be so incredibly hard for residents.
      It seems like some of the city's in Australia are much less busy than in previous years. I was watching a report on T.V. that showed offices in the city were largely empty as people were now working from home. I have noticed that a lot of people are buying property in regional and rural areas, some of the areas they are buying are quite remote.