Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Slow Progress

"Frustration with work can take many forms. One complaint I frequently hear is the feeling of getting nowhere. ~ Thomas Moore

There is always mowing to be done. Though the fields are not as
green currently as they were in this shot.

Most of us at times experience the feeling we are not getting anywhere. That our progress is too slow or non-existent. Last week I have made some progress. Not much. Many would see it as very little. However I am content.  I am moving in the right direction. I know that life is not made entirely by big dramatic steps and experiences - though I have lived through my share of those too. Life can be built or changed through a series of small steps. One building upon another.

Last  week I shared my menu plan with you. Did we in our household adhere to that menu plan? For the most part we did, though we had more leftovers than I planned for  and so can carry an extra meal over to this week. This saves us both time and money. Also there was one day when I forgot to defrost any meat. That evening we improvised by making curried eggs and rice for dinner. I also like to have tinned Tuna on hand for those occasions when I forget to defrost meat.

 Not having to make dinner every night from scratch gave me some extra time so I used some of that time to bake a chocolate slice. This is good for us because we have buying more ready-made biscuits and cakes of late.  So I was able to reap a reward in both saving money, creativity and also gain the satisfaction that comes from producing one's own needs.

In the garden I have transplanted some volunteer lettuce. I have sown seeds into my seed raising tray. The seeds sown were cherry tomatoes, tri-colour zucchini, russell lupins, spaghetti squash, flanders poppy (these were old seeds so may not be viable), sugarlump tomatoes, and comfrey. This week I started preparing another new vegetable patch. It is just a small section of garden running between two already laid out round gardens. I cut through the lawn using a garden spade and lifted it out. Then I forked over the area, added some gypsum and then some ashes and charcoal. Later on I will add some garden soil, compost and mulch. But that may not happen til next week.

A good area for a picnic lunch

During the week we had a lovely picnic lunch at the riverside parkland near the boat moorings. Our nearest shop is a few kilometres away and the river parkland is a street back from the shop. So because we had to go to the shop for milk and bait we decided to take advantage of the short trip by packing sandwiches and a flask of coffee. A simple and inexpensive pleasure. It is a quiet and peaceful spot. The only noise came from the birds, the lapping of the water, the on and off barking of a dog and the occasional boat coming in off the river via the nearby boat ramp. While we were there we met a new local who had just moved to the area. He was out walking with his father and their dog. Because we all had the time we chatted for a while. Another simple pleasure. We often meet other locals this way.


  1. Glad to hear, that we here, are not the only ones, who forget to thaw! :-)

    Sandwiches and coffee picnic. A delightful idea. Such enjoyment, for such a tiny "layout." We all need to think of how we could do just that, in our own area. Thank you for the idea!

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. We had to drive into the city today for an appointment with my oncologist. We also did a number of errands whilst there. We took our own lunch and sat in a lovely park and enjoyed the lovely weather and the great outdoors. We really enjoyed our lunch but what was best is that because we didn't have to wait for an ordered lunch at a cafe we got home much earlier than we expected we would.

  2. That looks a lovely spot for a picnic, Sherri. I love to say, "Hello" or "Good Morning!" to the people I pass when I'm out walking and occasionally I'll have a longer conversation with those I regularly see. Yesterday, I had a really lovely conversation with an elderly gentleman out walking and it made my day! I think the smile we give to others and those incidental conversations can sometimes mean so much. Meg:)

    1. I really enjoy meeting the people who live in my local area. It makes me feel more connected to my community.

  3. Progress.....such a subjective thing - sigh. But yes, progress needs to occur at the end of any day.

  4. Slow progress, is deciding it takes a lifetime to get there. ;)

    But I definitely know the sentiments you speak of. Impatience can creep in, the longer something takes to finish. I expect it's "the end" we're impatient for. We want to see the end, so we can move onto something else. But it sounds like you have some lovely experiences recently, to help keep you grounded.