Wednesday, 9 August 2017

In The Dark

But even in the darkest situations the human spirit flutters, sings, and sometimes soars. Something in us keeps us focused on a brighter day and a better situation. 
~ Thomas Moore

And thank goodness for the human spirit within each one of us that keeps us going. I have been through dark times when my spirit has still managed to sing for short periods. This has given me hope and encouragement. Usually the uplifting of my spirit has come about by focusing on something other than myself and my worries. The deep blue of the sky. A gentle breeze. The sparkle of the ocean. Even a good movie where someone has managed to overcome adversity in their own lives has uplifted my spirit.

I hope that you too have things in your life that can make your spirit flutter, sing or soar. Why not create a list of these things so that when those dark hours weigh you down you can look to your list and do something that will help lift your feelings?


  1. That's a great point - taking the focus off ourselves. Movies and books where people have overcome adversity certainly work here.
    Another for me is meeting up with a couple of my friends whom I can chat to about anything without judgement. I always come away feeling a lot better and we always manage to have a good laugh about something.

    1. My sister rang this morning and we chatted for about an hour. She often provides me with lots of encouragement and I try and do the same for her. We also share much laughter. Last night I also had a long chat with my brother-in-laws wife who is a good friend though she lives clear across the other side of the country.