Monday, 7 August 2017

Finding Happiness

"The world is full of happiness, and plenty to go round, 
if you are only willing to take the kind that comes your way." ~ Jean Webster

The quote above is from a 1912 novel  "Daddy Long Legs". This quote reminds me that happiness is there for me if I am willing to open my eyes and see it. To make the effort to turn my attention away from the negative to the positive. 

I have found plenty of happiness during the last week in my garden. We have now entered our official dry season. The soil is parched and I have been spending extra time  watering plants. However last night we received about 15 mm of rain, so now the grass will green up and the plants will not require extra watering for the time being.  

I have been doing some work at my potting bench. Don set up a potting
area for me a couple of months back. 

I bought a punnet of petunias during the week, as I needed to fill in a couple of gaps in two pots. I planted the rest of the petunias into the garden. Unfortunately Moxie got away with one of the seedlings while I was filling my watering can. I think she may have chewed it up because I could not find it anywhere in the garden. 

I did a little pruning during the past week and potted up some of the prunings as cuttings. 

I removed the spent pansy and planted a petunia into this pot
with the pink phlox.

Also, our water tanks are running low and if we don't have good soaking rain soon we will have to order water in. This will be a first for us.  Don has pointed out to me that the water truck may have problems coming down our driveway due to some high branches from trees creating an obstruction. This meant that we needed to buy a petrol pole saw in order to trim these branches. So we went into town during the week and found a pole saw that met Don's requirements. 

I had my six monthly appointment with my oncologist last week. I have been in remission for three years so  that means I only need to see my oncologist every 12 months from now on instead of every six months. 

Moxie feigning innocence.

Do you remember how I wrote a couple of weeks ago that we had spaghetti bolognese on our weekly menu? Well we didn't have it that week but I made it over the weekend. So here is what our current week's menu looks like

Saturday: Spaghetti  bolognese
Sunday: Leftovers
Monday: Creamy chicken casserole - this is to use up the extra bacon I defrosted when I made the spaghetti dish.
Tuesday: Leftover casserole
Wednesday: Tuna Noodle Casserole - this dish is on the menu to use up vegetables I have on hand; specifically celery, capsicum, carrot and zucchini
Thursday: Leftover casserole
Friday: Toasties - we nearly always have toasted sandwiches on Friday nights.

I had planned to make Fruit Crunchies for our morning teas this week. However on checking the fridge I see that I have peanut butter I need to use up so I will be baking Peanut Butter Slice instead.

I found this under the tarp covering my compost pile a couple of weeks back.

This week I am hoping to:

  •  Start work on a new compost pile, I have mentioned this before but I have not started as yet  
  • Do a little work on my new garden patch
  • Make some progress on the scarf I am knitting
  • Visit a recently opened discount supermarket in a nearby regional city. 
I hope you have a peaceful and prosperous week. 


  1. Sherri it has been extremely dry here although we had a couple of showers this past week but not really enough to be all that helpful. The weather man said not to expect any rain until spring. We have had above average temps for much of winter which is very unusual for us so hopefully it is not an indication of another scorcher of a summer coming up.

    1. We don't usually have much rain in spring. Often it starts around Christmas. Depends on the cyclones up north though.

  2. Mention of your new compost pile is exciting. I find composting rather addictive...weird hey?

    1. Not weird at all. It is wonderful changing green waste and food scraps into soil food. Not to mention all the worms a good compost attracts to the garden.

  3. I love the way you use one-meal-for-two-days!!!! Here we freeze the second meal, for a day, when it's easier to do no cooking. But it is the same. Get 2 meals, out of one prep!

    Why doesn't everyone do this...???????


    Happy Full Green Corn Moon!
    Luna Crone

    1. Thank you. I don't have any corn growing to celebrate. I love learning about seasonal festivals.

      Yes, we have some leftover meals in the freezer. I have heard of people who actually won't eat leftovers but I haven't met any in person.

  4. I find happiness out in my garden too, Sherri. There's always a flower, a bee or a bird, something to harvest, blue sky above or free water from the heavens when it rains. I must get busy and try striking some more rose geranium cuttings, I don't have a dedicated potting area so perhaps I should make one somewhere. Meg:)

    1. Don found me a stainless steel bench in a pawn shop last year. Then he sourced a second hand double sink. He took the legs off an old bench/table and put them onto the sink and then attached the sink to my potting bench with brackets. And hey presto a potting area.

  5. Such good news for you being in remission for three years. The oncologist is obviously very happy too. Wishing you all the best.
    I love reading menu plans and seeing what others eat as it gives me inspiration and ideas. As soon as I saw tuna noodle casserole I thought of our son straight away. I'll have to make him another one soon. Great just to have in the fridge for when he is looking for food which is quite a lot, This way is much more filling and nutritious.
    I hope you get some rain soon for your water tanks.

    1. It would be wonderful to have some more rain. :-)