Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A big day for Moxie!

"Happiness is a warm puppy."
 ~ Charles M. Schulz

Moxie has grown a lot since this photo was taken.

Moxie and Banjo turn six months old this week. 

They still like napping in their crate but they take up much more room now.
They also have a dog house inside their crate which keeps them warm
in winter.

This means we need to have them desexed. 

Moxie ready to pounce on Banjo as he runs past.

Moxie is first, and she had her operation yesterday. She is now getting round with a plastic cone on her head to stop her biting her stitches. 


  1. Most definitely happiness is embodied in a warm puppy ... or at our place it's within a lovely, elderly rescued Labrador called Steve. Meg:) p.s. Steve sympathises with Moxie ... those cones are dreadful things, aren't they, when you just want to scratch!

    1. Yes they do get in the road of scratching. Moxie got her cone off yesterday. We think she must have knocked it off when trying to scratch. She was no doubt happy for a few minutes before Don caught sight of her and put it back on her, he made sure her collar was attached a bit more securely.

  2. So good to have that done.

    the world does not need more animals, which may or may not find a good home.

    1. Goodness knows that two puppies are enough. It is amazing to think that they have to have it done so young but it is worth it to avoid problems down the road. As you say there is no guarantee that they would find a good home. Here in Queensland one now has to register with the government as a dog breeder/supplier if one is to sell or even give away dogs or puppies.

  3. Wow that time has flown. They look like the best of buddies. Hoping Moxie recovers well and all the best for Banjo.
    Love that 'I'm ready to pounce' position - watch out Banjo.

    1. They are the best of buddies Kylie. Banjo was moping the whole time Moxie was at the Vet. Today while I was at work Don walked out to the street to bring the rubbish bins in and had Moxie tied up because he would not be able to keep her from running about while be brought the bins in. Banjo went with Don but when Moxie starting howling (which she has never done before) he ran top speed back to her and sat with her instead of going with Don.