Thursday, 27 July 2017

Garden Records

Banjo in the Garden

Your mind is a garden, 
Your thoughts are the seeds, 
You can grow flowers, 
Or you can grow weeds.
~ Anon

Isn't that a great quote shown above? Anon must be one clever person to come up with such good sentiments. 

I would have a better idea of what seeds I am growing in my garden if I kept more detailed information on what I have planted.  For example, I did not write down any information regarding the snow pea seedlings I planted out, and now weeks later I cannot remember a thing about them. I am now in the process of collecting the seed for storage. What was the variety of snow pea I planted? Is it a hybrid? All I really know is that it is a purple snow pea.  

Purple snow pea seed pods

On Sunday I transplanted some volunteer lettuces. I love volunteer plants. I have other volunteer lettuces going to seed. I hope to have a third generation come up in the garden. However once again I don't appear to have recorded the variety of lettuce I originally planted. It would be very useful to have that information now.

Volunteer lettuces re-planted into a garden with more sun. Also in the
garden is a pineapple tomato. 

So moving forward I hope to see improvements in my record keeping. What about you? Do you manage to keep records of what you plant in the garden? When do you record this type of information? 


  1. I don't keep records of what I plant, Sherri, and then I kick myself for forgetting what varieties I've planted or what went where and when. I really should dig out an old notebook and make a better effort. Meg

  2. haha! I don't keep records either. I'm completely hopeless. I have a stack of coriander coming up - No idea how it even got to that part of the garden! And also camomile at the moment. Both fantastic things to have! Win win.


  3. I do the same. I have recorded what I've planted before and then forget what book I wrote them in....oops. The garden is still happy, my biggest weeds are the self seeded/volunteered plants that pop up everywhere, but I'm not complaining :)

  4. I am another one who's idea of record keeping is hit and miss. Agree that VOLUNTEER plants are necessary and unexpected delights.

  5. It is so reassuring to me to know that I am not the only one that finds keeping gardening records a challenge. :-)

  6. My veggie patch is very small and I planned for the first time last year. I'm hoping for a more thorough plan heading into next year. I have a template to start me off.
    I love that quote. It's one I would like to have up where everyone can see it especially the kids.

    1. It is a great quote isn't it. Just like a in a real garden weedy thoughts seem to grow much more easily than flower like thoughts. Lately, I have been making myself walk out of the room during some of the current affairs shows my husband watches. Even if I am not actively watching the show the negativity manages to work its way into my thoughts.