Saturday, 13 May 2017

Holey Hibiscus Batman!

"Remember that children, marriages and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get." H. Jackson Brown Jr

My holey hibiscus

I went forth into the garden today to do some weeding and sundry other gardening jobs. In one garden I discovered this poor hibiscus had been playing host to lots of caterpillars. Does this sort of thing happen to your hibiscus plants? I have been diligently watching my newly planted hibiscus. I have been hunting up and removing the caterpillars from my Rose of Sharon. However the hibiscus shown in the photo above was not so well tended. 

Banjo and Moxie

I don't know why I should have such trouble working my way through all my gardening tasks. Especially now that I have the very excellent help of the pair shown above. 

I did manage to prune my potted Hydrangea this morning. 

I applied Gypsum to the soil of this recently potted Blue-berry bush. 

I also did some very careful pruning on this mandarin tree. It suffered during the hot, dry, summer and it was difficult keeping the water up to it. Particularly as we were spending more time renovating our home in the city to prepare it for going on the market. 

And, of course I did quite a bit of weeding. 

When lunchtime rolled around Don and I drove down to the river for a picnic lunch. The lunch consisted of egg and lettuce sandwiches (as our picnic lunches often do) followed by carrot cake. However while we were lunching, the weather changed rapidly,   the sky turned grey and a cold wind bore down on us. So it became necessary to eat rather more quickly than we had bargained for. 

After lunch we drove into town to pick up our mail and some groceries as well as fill up the car and some jerry cans. And so another day ends as evening draws in. 


  1. Sherri, there was quite a change in the weather here too today. One minute it was sunny and the next minute it was raining and now I can hear the wind blowing outside. I hope there weren't too many picnics planned for Mother's Day tomorrow around SE Qld.

    1. We are expecting some rain over the next few days now Chel.

  2. Perhaps you aren't getting to all your garden tasks, because you have too much garden? At least right now... When your time is also taken up with preparing a home for sale...



    1. You are so right. Things are starting to look better now.

  3. I have a brilliant orange hibiscus in my garden and last year it suffered scale attack. I pruned it back, cutting off any branch with scale on it, quite a significant "hair cut", and it's bounced back beautifully this year, no scale in sight. Meg:)

  4. I hope you get a control of those caterpillars. I had hibiscus and cinnamon tea for the first time yesterday and love it. I don't know enough about hibiscus apart from there are many varieties. Are you growing the edible one?

    Your mandarin tree looks like it is going to do well now.

    Hi to Banjo and Moxie.