Friday, 28 April 2017

Turning the Compost

"Turn your spoil into soil" ~ Unknown

Ideally I would like to turn my compost every three to four days to keep it hot. At the moment I have a couple of little distractions that are taking my attention away from compost making.

So I turned the compost for the first time on Monday.

In this photo I have lifted the wire cage off the compost and set it to the side. The compost is turned back into the wire cage. First I have put some manure in contact with the ground.

After shovelling some of the compost in I have added water to aid the decomposition process.  I want to avoid the compost being too dry or too wet. What I want in the heap is to have the wetness of a rung out sponge.

Adding bran to the compost pile during turning

 Towards the middle of the pile I have added a bucket load of bran and watered the pile again. The bran will help the pile to heat up.  

Molasses mixed with water ready to be added to the compost pile

When nearly finished turning the compost I added a cup of molasses to a watering can of water and poured this mix over the pile. This is also supposed to help the heating and fermentation process in the pile. 

The compost pile turned and covered

Don turned the compost pile again yesterday.

Watching all the action from the dog run.


  1. Again thank you.

    I am passing a link, to these compost blog entries, on to my son.

    Luna Crone

    1. Your welcome Luna. I hope your son finds it helpful.

  2. You should have some really lovely compost at the end of this process, Sherri. It's so important to turn it! I have mushrooms growing at the base of one of my compost cylinders which tells me it could be too wet, though I've not noted any major too-damp smell. I have a cold at moment but when I'm feeling better I'll need to investigate! Meg:)

    1. I hope you are feeling better soon Meg. I did my annual CPR refresher yesterday morning and followed that up by going to my G.P. for my annual flu shot. I was full of aches and pains by the evening that I went to bed early. I think the aches were more to do with the CPR training than the flu shot though.

  3. I'm sure your pups would be thrilled to help turn the compost!

    1. They did become a bit too interested earlier in the week when I was digging over a new garden bed. They thought it looked like great fun. And dogs always look so happy when they are digging. I have created a digging area in their dog run, so when they started digging in the garden bed I took them to their digging area and turned over some soil and straight away they got digging and forgot about my garden bed.