Tuesday, 3 January 2017

What Sherri Did - December 2016

Try to live an authentic life that feels true to yourself - which means living as yourself, not as an imitation of anyone else, and not the reflection of yourself in anyone else's eyes.

~Maria Shriver

For me living an authentic life is living a life that expresses my values. Is that what living an authentic life means to you? Life can be so busy that it is easy to become distracted and it is good to have this space as a reminder of what being authentic means to me in this consumer mad world.

In General

We have been doing some maintenance and re-painting inside and outside. The guest bedroom walls have been repainted. I wish I had remembered to take a photo of before we started. Anyway the walls had a purple over pink sponge effect before and now they are a nice restful beige - the colour is called Romantic Chintz. Don did most of the work, though I helped with some of the cutting in. It has been hot weather for painting. Don also took down the light fitting and updated it by spraying part of it black. We also fitted a new curtain rod. I moved some decor items out of the room and others in.

Repainted guest  bedroom

Don also finished painting the window sills in the main bedroom, as he didn't get them done when he painted the walls in that room.

As I write Don is outside painting the front gates.

I have been doing lots of de-cluttering, and have said good-bye to clothes and books and other sundry items I am no longer using.

Same room, different angle.

What I have been reading

This month I managed to do a bit more reading than I have for a long time.
Before the War by Fay Weldon
The Golden Door by Kerry Jamieson
The Hot Flash Club by Nancy Thayer, - I first read this book about 10 years ago and I held onto it because I knew I would want to read it again.

Here it is again from a different angle, you can just make out the built in
wardrobe at the left of the photo. The doors have been painted the same colour
as the walls
Best of the web
Considering retirement? Them maybe living a life on the sea might be something that interests you.

Here is an article that explains what your choice of plaid says about you. (I think mine says "doesn't like to iron in the hot weather.")

So, stagnating wages growth is not just an Australian problem, Britain is experiencing it too.


  1. Your home is looking great Sherri.

    Painting is a job that needs to be done around here. The people before us used all sorts of colours and I am going to go for a neutral colour too. Our house definitely needs a bit of brightening up as the old paintwork is very tired and dull.

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks Tania. It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint makes such a difference in a room.

  2. The paint looks beautiful! My kitchen is in desperate need of a new coat of paint... but it's way too cold to think about that right now. Maybe this summer.

    That just gave me a random thought... I wonder if New Year's resolutions vary from the northern to southern hemisphere because of the weather. I can imagine that in your neck of the woods, one could resolve to tackle home improvement projects etc and not have to wait many months to begin work! Hmmm... thoughts to ponder...

    1. It would have to have an effect when you think about it. Just the thought of trying to paint a wall when rugged up in winter layers is enough to delay the task. Though to be honest, in our climate undertaking home improvement projects in winter is not a problem. Our winters are very mild.

  3. I love the opening quote Sherri. It reminds me of "be yourself cos everyone else is taken." Your guest room looks so inviting and calming. Careful....your guests won't want to leave!! ;)

    1. So true Sally, and yet it is hard not to be caught up in conventional thinking. Which is yet another reason I enjoy following your blog, you and Brian through your lifestyle and choices are for me an example of independent thinkers.

      As regards the bedroom I was aiming for a simple and calming room. So thanks for your compliment.

  4. Sounds like you are keeping Don busy....better worn out than rusted :-)

    1. Ha! I heard Don telling a friend on the phone this evening that I have been very busy finding him work to do. :-) In reality I have been encouraging him to only do a bit every day, but once he starts he likes to keep pushing through til everything is done. He has done two coats of paint on the bathroom today.

  5. Congratulations on all you have accomplished!

    Especially the decluttering!!! Which of course, needs the resolve, that we won't (carelessly anyway) fill the spaces, back in. ,-)

    Yes, I do want to be myself! Especially when it doesn't coincide with what others, may be thinking. Agreeing, among fellow "believers" is easy. Standing on one's own, among "other believers," is the hard part.

    New Year's blessings,
    Luna Crone

    1. I was thinking the same thing myself last night, about maintaining authenticity when in among others. Emerson's essay 'Self-reliance' springs to mind and I want to take the time to read it again. I do find 18th Century Transcendentalist thought very interesting, no doubt I have been influenced by my readings of Louisa May Alcott books in my youth.

      Gosh I hope I don't fill the spaces back in again.

  6. I agree with you about an authentic life, Sherri! Your home is so clutter-free. Looks great!


    1. Becoming clutter free is a work in progress, and there is still a long way to go. I do tend to hang on to things that have sentimental value like letters, old cards etc, I still have a Shirley Temple doll that was given to me when I was 8 years old and many other things that I think need to be released so that my life is not so crowded with stuff.