Monday, 5 December 2016

Thriving Through Thrift ~ Order

"Order is Heavens fist law". Alexander Pope

Order is the first rung on my ladder of Thrift. During the summer (winter if you are reading this from the Northern Hemisphere) I will be taking a closer look at how we can bring more order into our lives and order's relationship to thrift.

Order is necessary for the good management of everyday living.  It helps us to achieve peaceful and harmonious living conditions.  When we achieve a state of order, a state where everything is arranged comprehensively and logically, it allows our days to unfold without chaos and panic. Creating order is in part recognizing the heartbeat of our life that supports us in moving through our days to a rhythm that works for each one as an individual. For those of us who live with others, this rhythm is also affected by the rhythm of those with whom we live.

Discovering methods and systems that help us bring more order our days will help us manage our homes, create a greater sense of ease at home, and assist us in balancing our time and tasks. 

A good first step to bringing more order into our lives is to sit down with a cuppa and evaluate where you are right now. Think about what is working for you at present, what isn't. I touched on this subject recently in my post re-calibrating. 

Thrift has been described as the art of coaxing wealth from scarcity. For me thrift is about building wealth by persistent effort and from the wise management of one's resources. It is precisely here we find the connection between thrift and order  - management of anything requires order. That is why order is the name I gave to the first rung of my 'Ladder of Thrift.'


  1. There's my favourite book on your shelf.....The Artist's Way.

    1. It is wonderful literature isn't it? On the right of it in the photo is Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. It is subtitled 'A day book of comfort and joy' and this wonderful book has been both for me for many years.

  2. I couldn't agree more.
    When I'm working a lot and get tired, many things slip. I don't like it because I end up wasting time looking for this or that, it can be a catch 22. But routine and order minimise this situation, and it's something I need to do a lot of work on to improve.