Friday, 9 December 2016

My Perfect Gift Hamper

"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into the giving." ~ Mother Theresa

I was reading Melissa's post on personalised gift hampers and began to wonder what my perfect hamper would contain.

Here's my list
  • Gardening gloves - several pairs
  • Hand cream - as many as possible
  • Choc-chip cookies (perhaps just one packet - that would never run out?)
  • Good coffee.

That's about it really. Just the essentials. 😀

They could all be nicely arranged in a large plant pot. 

What would your perfect gift hamper be like?


  1. Ha! I think my perfect "gift hamper" would be an empty one... but that's because here in the states a "hamper" is a bin used to collect dirty laundry!

    1. That made me laugh! Just what no one wants - more dirty laundry.

  2. Mine would contain the yarn for the project I intend to knit after the holidays and some gift certificates for Subway, so I wouldn't have to waste time making meals when my needles are flying.


  3. Succulents
    Pinot Noir that never ran out
    Heavy duty hand cream for my lizard hands
    Plants that love dry heat and live forever!

  4. I was thinking about this today, Sherri. There isn't much that I need so am not sure what kind of hamper I would like. I'll keep thinking. Lots of good ideas in the link you gave. Thanks.

  5. My perfect hamper would be. Hole-proof socks, an Amish cookbook, a year's subscription to grassroots magazine, homemade rocky road, a suit/clothes brush (the wooden and horse hair ones), seeds....any seeds.

  6. This is a wonderful idea!
    I think mine would include a nice CD-perhaps something from the Piano Guys, a pint of Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream, and a good book.
    Or a "gardening" related one for me would be some exotic seeds that I've been wanting but REFUSE to spend $6 on .
    Hope you get your perfect hamper.