Friday, 16 December 2016

Law and Order

Our lives are made up of the things we do every day ~ Alexandra Stoddard

On days when it feels like chaos is reigning my husband has been heard to say 'Come on let's get some law and order into this place'. So in this post I am going to list some of the areas in our lives where we may want to establish a bit more orderliness, in order to increase the peace and ease in our lives and so we are managing our resources better.
The obvious one of course is our home. Most of us feel there are times when our homes are a bit - ahem- disordered. Other areas that benefit from the introduction of order are:-

Our relationships
Our emotional selves
Our health and wellbeing
Time management
Digital records

These are broad subject areas and we could possibly drill down under each of these categories ad infinitum. Let's keep in mind though this series is about the Ladder of Thrift so we will look at the topic of order in these areas through that lens where possible.


  1. Oh yes....a post on each of these subjects please. Uh huh.

    1. My ancient history teacher used to point out that everything man does has been done before. (And now I wonder if he continued to say this after the introduction of the internet. But I digress.) This is how I feel about the subjects listed above. We know this stuff, but I think reminders are very helpful as the busyness of life tends to drown it out. Writing and reading on this subject helps keep me on track.

  2. Finances are on my list for getting into order for the new year, Sherri. I used to be so good at keeping track of where every penny went, but have gotten lazy about it recently. As soon as I do, money just flies out the window.

    1. I know what you mean Jane, my husband and I were just discussing something along these lines this morning. I was making a note of unexpected expenditure that had occurred in the last few weeks; e.g. car maintenance and fence repairs. If I don't record it, I forget about the expenditure and then a few weeks further down the track I wonder where the money has gone.

  3. What a lovely name for your blog!!! What could be nicer, than a desire to make a haven?

    And I see a Victoria magazine, in your photo. Not only do you have "Mrs. Sharp's Traditions," you love Victoria too! :-)))

    I have quite a few of the originals, and have subscribed to the newer one, since it came out. Such beautiful photography, and peaceful turning of pages. I don't have a desire to live in an old Victorian home. Just like looking. :-)

    As to orderliness, another perk of being older is, we are quite orderly, in our lives. By now, we know what works, for us. Oh yes, now and then, we have to tinker here or there. But the main "work" has been done. :-)

    You, being young, are still in the midst of it all. How exciting!

    Happy coming Yuletide/Christmas Blessings!

    Luna Crone

    1. I think my oldest Victoria Magazine dates back to 1996. I seem to prefer the older editions to latest.

      A happy yuletide to you too.

  4. Dec. 20th

    Re: your comment on my Why? post....

    Thank you so much!!!!!

    Eve Of Yule blessings to you...
    Luna Crone