Friday, 30 December 2016

Jubilee Park

"The year of the Jubilee has come;
Gather the gifts of Earth with equal hand;
Henceforth ye too may share the birthright soil;
The corn, the wine, and all the harvest-home."
~ Edmund Clarence Stedman.

This photo is looking out from our pergola straight the across the  (brown)
lawn and behind the keyhole garden to Jubilee Park.

As I have mentioned previously, I turned 50 this year. Prior to my birthday my husband asked me what  I would like for my birthday. I didn't want any more jewelry. In fact I didn't want any thing extra in the way of personal possessions. I already have enough to look after, thank you very much. 

However I did want something to mark such a landmark birthday. A big party to celebrate my birthday did not appeal to me. Though nice, I felt that a party was too transitory a thing for my 50th birthday. 

I pondered and I thought. I thought and I pondered. Then I hit upon an idea. A very whimsical idea. For my birthday I wanted a park! No I didn't want to visit a park. I wanted my own park. One with trees and lawn, just like a public park only smaller. 

This photo was taken from the middle section of Jubilee Park looking toward
the east. 

I explained my park idea to my husband. I informed him we already had the perfect spot to turn in to my park. And of course I already had a name for the park. It was to be called Jubilee Park. Yes really, in honour of my Jubilee. Because believe it or not I have worked long and hard to make it this far. 

This photo was taken from the southern side. Yes that is a clothesline.
It was there before we bought the property. Whoever installed it made darn sure
it wasn't going anywhere. I am trying to grow wisteria up and over the structure.

This is a landscaping project that will be a few years in the making. Once finished it will be a cool, relaxing place to sit and connect with nature. 


  1. Bravo! What a wonderful 50th Birthday idea!!!

    I'm new here, so I will wish you a belated Happy Birthday!

    And thank you for reminding me, that you live in the Southern Hemisphere! I do forget, that not everyone in Blog Land, is in the Northern Hemisphere. Thank you!

    Oh this will be wonderful! An on-going project, which you can chronicle on your blog. Just as you have shown the present, here. And I see, that you have a 'Jubilee time' label, on this post. You can continue to use that, as you show the progress, in photos.

    Repeat, a wonderful and enduring remembrance, of your 50th Birthday.

    Coming New Years good wishes,
    Luna Crone

    1. I think it is so nice that we can be on opposite sides of the globe and still enjoy a little chat, despite the time differences. Happy New Year

  2. A park is a perfect birthday present. ANd something you'll enjoy for the rest of you life. Hope you are enjoying many sunny days there.


    1. Thanks Jane. We are definitely having sunny days here in Queensland but from the comments I have been reading on the internet, I am not sure that many are enjoying it. It's very hot and humid. However we had around 40 mm of rain a couple of days ago so our water tanks have been topped up and we have more water in the dam. Love that summer rain!

  3. What a great idea!!
    I turned 40...4 3/4 years ago, and had a complete meltdown, didn't want to celebrate or party or anything, (I am slowly reconciling as I slide towards 45) but I wish I had thought of something like that to mark my 40th, a 40th garden...I like that a lot!

    1. Cheryl, I didn't have a 40th birthday party either. I guess I am not really into birthday parties for myself.

  4. What a great idea, Sherri. It will be a lovely relax in the shade when the trees have grown. A better idea than a party :-)

    1. Thanks Chel. It will indeed be a nice place to relax.

  5. What a beautiful thing to create, a park! Such a lovely birthday gift for you Sherri, something that you can look out upon and that you can visit often in all the years ahead. Meg:)

    1. Thanks Meg. I am lucky that my husband is so accepting of my fancies. I recently planted a Moringa tree in the park, my intention is to keep it pruned so it is more like a shrub. I am also hoping to strike some cuttings so that I can plant out a hedgerow of Moringa in the front paddock. But that will be a project for another year.