Monday, 28 November 2016

What Sherri Did - in Movember 2016

Sorry about the pun.

With modeling, you pose. You want to look your best all the time. With acting, you have to be aware of the camera, but the more you show your imperfections, the better you're going to be. ~  Diane Kruger

Don't be fooled by this lark they call acting folks. Do you need talent? No. Do you need a great memory in order to be able to remember your lines? No. Do you need youth, looks, or connections. Definitely not.

All you need to become an actor is a really, really, really, easily amused audience. 

Do you remember that Jo March and her sisters in Little Women enjoyed putting on theatricals? Well looking back on my life it is amusing to remember the number of amateur theatricals I was roped into from my teenage years on. I cannot sing, recite, play an instrument or indeed act. But there you are, if life has decided you have a certain role to play you will be cast. 

Anyway let's move on to what I have done during November.

In General

I have been spending less working  time in the garden and more time working  indoors.  November arrived with little rainfall, spring heat waves and hot dry winds. So my time spent in the garden has been for the most part allocated to watering, trying to help plants survive. We did have a storm move quickly through on one Sunday. It brought fierce winds and a little rain. The winds broke off tree limbs and in some areas nearby uprooted trees . About a week after this storm I found and buried a dead goanna that I assume was killed during the earlier storm.

When I found the dead Goanna I raced to tell my husband.
He told me to bury it. So I did.
 (Though  I did think he would offer to do the job for me 😒)

Saturday just gone provided us with 63 mls of rain, which watered the garden aplenty, topped up the water tanks and added a bit more water to the dam.

Indoors I have continued de-cluttering by sorting out household records. I have been 'filing' current records and shredding old records that are no longer needed.

Establishing a new household routine takes time and some experimentation. This has been true with us and we are still 'recalibrating' in this area.

Current craft projects 

Crochet - making a throw rug for the back of the lounge
Knitting - Ah, my neglected knitting. I made a mistake in my knitting some weeks ago and put it aside in  a fit of chagrin. I have now returned to my knitting and I am trying to work some knitting time into my weekly routine. With 'trying' being the operative word.
Embroidery - I have a small table cloth project that I have not worked on in ages. Now that the hot weather has returned I am hoping to spend some time working on it on Saturdays during the heat of the day.

Thrifty activities for the month 

Added grass clippings from orchard to compost
Used beetroot we harvested from garden as a side dish
Moved the leftovers to the top shelf of the fridge so we could see them.
Created weekly menu plans
Checked out the weekly grocery specials and added some of them to my shopping lists
Made my own fruit and nut mix for afternoon tea snacking.
 Line dried all the washing
Added our fruit and veggie scraps to the compost tumbler.

The Dam taken just before the rain came. The ridge in the middle is now
under water.

What I have been reading

On the morning of the second Sunday in October I managed to sit and read the Courier Mail's Qweekend magazine. This is something I have not managed to do for months, but as the weather is now hot, I find myself slowing down and enjoying some Sunday morning reading. This particular Sunday morning was hot and humid. By 10:00 a.m., though the temperature was only  hovering around the 26 Celsius mark, the humidity was such that the simple act of moving the garden sprinkler from one spot to the other left me with sweat running down my face. Yuk.

Anyhoo, I enjoyed reading the Qweekend magazine and I savored the reading, pausing to mull over different points. At this juncture I would like to make mention of my two mates - Cassidy and Sundance - who like to let me know they are about by performing aerial acrobats around my head. And by 'around', I mean they fly within a whiskers of my head. On this morning one skimmed over the top of my head and a couple of moments later the other did a 'roll over' fly by just skimming past the side of my face.  Neither of them touched me and their accuracy is awe-inspiring - but does anyone out there know if Butcher birds aerial capacity and eyesight deteriorate as they age?

What I have been watching

I finished watching series four of House of Cards during the month.  The end of the last episode left me with goose-bumps.

I am still working my way through the River Cottage DVD's and the BBC documentary called How to Live a Simple Life.

Best of the web

 How is this for a great idea, covering shoes with fabric using mod podge.


  1. Ah dear old Jo that family

    1. '"Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents" grumbled Jo, lying on the rug.'

  2. Ha, I can't comment on the potential deterioration in the eye sight of birds, but fingers crossed LOL.
    I'm off to google How To Live A Simple Life, it sounds like my kind of show! Love River Cottage!

    1. I the River Cottage is great, and I think I am enjoying River Cottage Australia even more. Both series are great. I still haven't' had a chance to watch much of the How to Live Simple Life. I am looking forward to maybe picking up some tips from the show.

  3. We have a few butcher birds here, Sherri, and I don't think there's anything wrong with their eyesight...they find tasty morsels in the garden from up high on our verandah. Meg:)

    1. I enjoy the way the pair that live in our garden are so chummy with us. It is nice to feel recognised by some of the local wildlife.

  4. Such a lovely dam photo, even it wasn't completely full at the time. My husband likes to watch House of Cards too, but hasn't quite caught up with the series. So I won't be telling him, he's in for a nail bighting episode.

    Stay cool with the predicted heatwave approaching at the end of the week. I've got to sort out something for my chickens. Thankfully the rain has filled our tank (not the new one yet) and I think I'll be hosing the coops down to help.

    1. It will be hard staying cool later in the week with the heatwave Chris. I will probably melt faster than Frosty the Snowman. At least with the rain last Saturday I have more water to put on the garden. I hope you manage to handle the heat too.