Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Greatest Wisdom

Please note I have edited this post as I actually misquoted Akhenaton. Not intentionally. It was just an an old fashioned typo. I have corrected the quote to read he that increases his riches increaseth his cares, I originally had he who increases his wisdom increases his cares. My apologies.

To be satisfied with a little is the greatest wisdom,
And he that increases his riches increaseth his cares;
But a contented mind is a hidden treasure,
And trouble findeth it not.


  1. Very true, Sherri. Finding contentment in life, whatever the circumstances, is a worthy goal.

    1. It is a worthy aim Chel, but it is not easy. I am not sure I could be considered a contented soul. Cheerful, mostly happy, and grateful yes, but I do experience a lot of discontent.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Emma. The quote is even more meaningful now that I have corrected it. Cheers.