Thursday, 3 November 2016

In My Garden - November 2016

Can you see the nest?  It belongs to a Friarbird.

"A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them."  ~Liberty Hyde Bailey

I have now entered that time of year where I stop planting and just keep up the maintenance in the garden.  The gardenias are in bud and I am looking forward to their warm creamy fragrance when the flowers finally open. 

Sometimes during the heat of the day in late Spring and Summer, my husband and I drive down to the village to sit by one of the local rivers. It is lovely spot to simply sit and enjoy the cool breezes coming off the river. 

In the garden I  am having problems with one of my hibiscus shrubs. I am thinking I may have katydid's chomping on the leaves. The poor plant needs some nursing to bring it back to health. 

As the weather is heating up fruit fly is becoming more active and I need to set some fruit fly traps. I will be checking and discarding any fruit that has been stung.

I also need to buy and set some codling moth traps.

I feel the need. .... the need to weed. (Sorry to any Top Gun fans)

My mulberries finished last month, so I will summer prune the tree this month, cutting the new growth back by about a third.

I will be pruning the Callistemon and grevilleas that have ceased flowering. I will cut back the long shoots by about a third to promote bushiness.

I will check he banksias and grevilleas for iron deficiency (yellowing on growing tips) and treat any that need it with iron sulphate (a dessertspoon full in a 10 litre watering can.)

What's happening in your garden this month?


  1. Love the quote. It's so true. I think maintaining a garden is more difficult than planting one. Hope you have a wonderful growing season!


    1. There is so much work in maintaining a garden. I know there are some who prefer a 'wild' or 'natural' looking garden, but I am not included in their number. Also our soil in its natural state lacks many nutrients and is water repellent, so it takes work to keep the plants alive.

  2. hmm, Im about to re-arrange some pots of herbs and plant some basil/chillies etc. My corriander has gone to seed so waiting to collect that. Still picking cammomile and drying it.

    We will need to clear the ground for our veggies not the bulbs have finished. They will be transplanted our big rear bed ready for next year.

    We are picking lemons which makes me oh so happy. :)


    1. It is wonderful watching the fruit ripen on the tree isn't it? I have a lettuce plant that is going to seed and I am leaving it to see if some lettuce seedlings spring up in the garden.

  3. My veggies in pots are starting to require much more water. The Eggplants are setting as are the capsicum. We are about to get lowers on the pumpkin vine. All the leeks are ready to pick, chop and freeze....and I have to sort out a VERy clucky hen.

    1. It is really heating up here Mr HM which means much more time spent in watering the garden. Because the water is pumped from the dam it causes our electricity costs to spike in the dry season. Bring on the rain I say! I love eggplants, but it has been ages since I have grown any as my husband doesn't enjoy eating them. He doesn't like avocados either, if you can believe that! Good luck sorting out your hen.