Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What Sherri Did in September 2016

"The difference between creativity and innovation is the difference between thinking about getting things done in the world and getting things done. Creativity thinks up new things. Innovation does new things" Professor Theodore Leveitt.


In General

This month I managed to catch a virus that was doing the rounds in the local community. A car drove through our front fence causing over $1000 worth of damage. On the positive side, no one needed first aid - and yes the occupants of the vehicle were all checked out by the ambulance. The side fence of our property is undergoing some maintenance to make it animal proof. Much tidying up has been done and a huge pile of plant waste - trees and shrubs- has been dealt with.

A friend had a cancer scare but it has turned out to be another illness, but it had us scared for a while. Unfortunately the biopsy she underwent to see if the tumours were cancerous or benign did some damage that left her very ill, but she is on the road to recovery now. Another friend has been ill following his radium treatment as has a neighbour.

We have had 55 mm of rain this month.  I have been busy planting out new plants, which is an activity that will largely come to an end in the next few weeks as the weather heats up. My crochet and knitting projects have advanced a little.

  What I have been reading

If you are at all creative in nature do yourself a favour and obtain a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear'. I am, in turns, enchanted, nourished and encouraged by this book.

What I have been watching

I have been watching a DVD miniseries  'Mildred Pierce' with Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce.  I like having something on TV when I am doing easy yarn or needlework. If the project I am working on is not of the simplest in nature I sit away in my study to work.


Best of the web

For decades climate scientists have been warning that global warming would lead to extreme weather events. We often look at an extreme weather event and ask "Was this due to climate change?"  This article discusses how scientists are endeavouring to provide reliable information on  weather events that are influenced by climate change.

This video reminds us that holding onto a burden, even one that is small can create a lot of stress and exhaustion. 

I hope September was a good month for you and that October brings you health and happiness.


  1. yes, holding onto hurts and burdens is exughsting. I have had a rough week, for many reasons. This week I am consciously working on letting it all go. I have turned off facebook, and I am home with my boys. Re-gaining my peace after last weeks challenges. Sometimes, often, it takes a conscious and dedicated effort to let something go. To allow yourself to process it properly. I think it is something that is undervalued in our fast paced world.


    1. Too right Emma, we don't allow ourselves time to process either the bad or the good properly. I am sorry that you are having a rough time but I know that you will re-gain your peace. It has been such a big, busy year for you and your family.

  2. We have good Spring rain so far too, Sherri. The garden looks lush and green. Feeling that the heat is not too far away though. I've just finished "Big Magic", which I found in at my local library, and found it very encouraging too. I like to do little craft projects, though I am a slow maker of things. I'm knitting a rainbow scarf for a friend at the moment and just do a few rows now and then. I do hope your friends recover soon from their treatments/tests as that can be so rough on one's body and spirit. Meg

    1. Thanks Meg. My friends are progressing well at this point. I am hoping to find the time to re-read "Big Magic" again soon. I really liked the authors take on Fear and allowing it along on life's journey but not letting Fear in the drivers seat or make any decisions. I am also slow at making things Meg. I made a mistake in my knitting last week and now I will have to re-motivate myself to get back to it.

  3. I've read "Big Magic" too, and it makes a lot of sense as a creative. :) I hope you get well soon, and your friends recover.

    1. Thanks Chris, I have recovered from the virus now. My friends are continuing on their journey to wellness.