Sunday, 30 October 2016

What Sherri Did - In October 2016

"The love you liberate in your work is the love you keep." ~ Unknown

In General

I had my first appointment ever with an optometrist, and now I have my first 'real' pair of glasses, or prescription glasses as I believe they are rightly called.  I have been using magnifiers for reading, but have now graduated to multifocal glasses. I am still adjusting to these glasses. As the reading area of the lens is located at the bottom of the glass I now have to tilt my head at a haughty angle and look down my nose to read my computer screen. 

 I have finally started a Google+ page. Yep I know many of you have had one for as long as you have been blogging but it just took me a bit longer to reach that stage of acceptance. Now I can really see a benefit. Though some weird stuff has appeared in my 'stream' I have learnt how to 'mute' those posts. (Notice how I am learning the Google+ jargon).  Anyway do pop over to my 'profile page' and have a look.

I have been setting up a little outdoor spot that catch the midmorning shade and summer breezes. I have begun referring to it as 'gardeners nook'. This is a place where I can escape the heat while I am working in the garden during the hot months.  Even early in the morning and late in the afternoon can be very hot when you are moving about in the sub-tropics. So I have designed rest areas into my property design. Of course this will also be a nice outdoor escape on summer afternoons even when I am not working in the garden. A place to sit with a cool drink and a good book.

And stop the press! At the end of October I finally received the TAFE certificate for my Permaculture course. As many of you know I had been studying Certificate IV in  Permaculture for a couple of years. I finished that course in May and had to spend months chasing up my actual certificate which of course I need in able to prove I have actually completed the course. 

What I have been reading

I haven't had much time for reading this month. Though as I look across my bookshelves I see I have a number of books I am in the process of reading. So I will try and finish one or two of these during November. No doubt I will be spending more of my discretionary time reading as the weather hots up.

I did read the October chapter of Rhonda's book "The Simple Home". October's chapter is dedicated to spring cleaning. 

What I have been watching

As mentioned in another post I like to watch a bit of T.V. whilst doing simple craft activities. During October I started watching Series four of House of Cards.

I have also been watching River Cottage Australia. Both my husband and I have been enjoying this very much. I find watching one episode motivates me to go back out and work in the garden some more.

I have been watching a fascinating 2009  BBC documentary called How to Live a Simple Life. 

No, he doesn't belong to us, but he does like making himself
 at home in the back of our truck.


Best of the Web.

Hands down my favourite item from the web during October was this absolutely terrific video from Mr Money Mustache.

What is happening with vocational education? This article and video from the Sydney Morning Herald consider the problems in the vocational education system. I know some students who have undertaken certificate courses in Aged Care only to find as they reach near the end of the course their RTO (Registered Training Organisation) has just vanished. These students are left in limbo, not knowing if they will ever be awarded the certificate that they have spent so much time and effort studying.

How long has it been since you have had a decent pay-rise? 
This article and video look at the topic of wages growth.

How was your October?


  1. Congratulation on your certification! Lucky you that this is the first time you've ever been to an optometrist! I'm blind as a bat. Those programs you mentioned sound interesting. Wonder if they have them on YouTube. It's always interesting to read what's up at the opposite end of the world!


  2. Thanks Jane. Regarding the glasses I went back to the optometrist today and had the setting of the lenses adjusted as I have been having difficulty with the reading part of the lens.

  3. Hi, Sherri! October seems to have flown past in a flurry...I don't think I'm the only one feeling that way! I chose to do a little bit of relief teaching in October too for some extra $ which will come in handy for xmas and a holiday we are planning. This added an extra layer of busy to my life. Still, I've been here, gardening and baking, knitting and yes, a little Spring cleaning too. (I emphasise the little!) Today, I bought the ingredients to make some small Christmas cakes as gifts for neighbours. I'll make them up on weekend and let them develop their flavour over this coming month. No doubt, November will be gone before we know it too! Meg:) p.s. I'm still "paddling" through David Holmgren's book...congratulations on completing your course and getting your certificate. Must be a wonderful feeling!

    1. It was a great feeling to have finished the course, mostly because of the extra time I gained in my day. Earning a few extra dollars at this time of year is a good idea as there is always extra expenditure around this time of year. David Holmgren is publishing a new book next year, due around March I think. I am looking forward to reading it.