Thursday, 27 October 2016


This photo was taken at a local farm and has nothing to do
with the subject of recalibrating. I just like farm photos. 

"Thrift of Time is equal to thrift of money. Franklin said, "Time is gold." If one wishes to earn money, it may be done by the proper use of time." - Samuel Smiles

We have had changes around here this year. My husband spends more time at home now than I do. As a consequence I now have a little more free time each week . My husband currently has much more unrestricted time than previously. 

Despite this we are still moving along in much the same manner as before. We have yet to adjust and settle into new routines. We are still getting things done. But we are lagging quite a bit when it comes to the 'proper use of time'.  In short we could be much better organised.

I also really like photos of the ocean and rivers.

We are considering establishing some new household routines. At at this point I don't want a 'his' list or a 'hers' list, just a list to help remind us of what we need to accomplish each day, week or month. 

When we have decided how we will get this working for us, I will post an update. 


  1. Since my husband retired I noticed that our lifestyle is much more leisurely, but I think that's a good thing. Time spent doing something you love is never wasted.

    1. Jane that is going to be my mantra for the next few days 'Time spend doing something you love is never wasted.' Thanks.

  2. Since retiring I find I need to be more disciplined with my time. I think I achieved more when I was working and had less time to work around the home.

    1. Chel, I think you achieve more than many retirees. Photography, writing, you assist on the down to earth forum, make soap, knit and the list goes on.