Wednesday, 12 October 2016

In My Garden - October 2016

"Plant fashion may be slower to wax and wane than clothes on a catwalk but it exists certainly and I intend to ignore it."  Christine McCabe " A garden in the Hills'

Ignorance is bliss, so they say and I ignore plant fashion too. Do you? I do find plant fashion does at times make the plants I am looking for harder to find at plant nurseries.

The weather is now warm to hot. I am not gardening during the middle of the day. Instead I and the midges are in the garden together in the mornings and afternoons.

Last month I planted out one mauve and one red pigface (Mesembryanthemum), a pink crepe myrtle tree, some white salvia seedlings, a red hippeastrum, a variegated brunfelsia, a pink geranium, white assylum seedlings and a wisteria vine. I transplanted a cherry tomato seedling, and divided and replanted some agapanthus and silver leafed yellow flowering gazania.

During one of the rain storms we had during September I had three King Parrots decide to shelter from the rain under our patio. One male and two females.  It was a lovely visit.

This month I would like to plant some lettuce seedlings but probably not much else. I want to prepare some other areas for planting and to finish top dressing with pelletised manure and mulching some of the garden and orchard areas. 

I am waiting for the citrus to finish flowering and then I need to start feeding them every six weeks with pelletised manure.

If I can manage it I will also sprinkle some blood and bone over the lawn areas and water in well.

What are your plans for the garden this month? 


  1. Nice beets. Mine are almost ready to harvest. The mornings have been quite chilly, but warm up to a nice day. I don't think our day temps are as warm as yours yet - though, they're not exactly cool either.

    I've been planting pigeon peas. If you have king parrots like we do, they come to love your pigeon peas.

  2. Then I will have to look at including pigeon peas in my future planting plans because the king parrots love many of my food plants - tomatoes, mangoes, bananas... and those birds are so darned beautiful sometimes I just stand there and watch them eat my produce.

  3. Gorgeous! I just plant what I like too. Remember when dahlias were considered so tacky and now they are SO in fashion.

    1. That's right! I had forgotten that dahlias had gone out of fashion for a while - and they are such pretty flowers. And then there is the plant names that go in and out of favour, I much prefer to use the old fashioned name of periwinkle for Vinca minor, just because I find the name so whimsical.

  4. My plans for my veggie garden in the coming months is just to grow salad veg (lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber) because that is what we'll eat a lot of over the warm/hot months. Growing zucchini and spring onion too because we eat a lot of that as well. Currently, I've got Queen Anne's Lace that's flowering ... so pretty! I plant flowers that appeal to me, veg that we eat all the while thinking about how well something will grow in a particular spot. Aren't cosmos wonderful flowers...I like the way they sway in the breeze, how the bees love them, how they intermingle so happily in among veggies. Meg:)

    1. I have let a couple of my lettuce go to seed as I am hoping to have some seedlings pop up. I still need to buy a punnet of lettuce seedlings. My newly potted cherry tomato is coming on well. I think I may need to think about adding a couple more leafy greens to the garden. I am thinking of adding nasturtium somewhere for use in salads. Queen Anne's Lace is beautiful when in flower.