Thursday, 15 September 2016

Free Plants

Exotic bloom may fill the vase, or grace the high-born maid;But sweeter far to me than all, are blue-bells in the shade. ~  Eliza Cook

Nature is bountiful. There are so many ways we can benefit from this bounty. One way is through free plants. I thought I would share some photos of some of the free plants growing in my gardens. 

I love to see free plants pop up in the garden. Below is a photo of my keyhole garden. Last season I grew cherry tomatoes in addition to other food plants. I have many tomato plants appearing in that garden as a result of fruit dropping. I have been pulling the seedlings out and adding them to my compost. A self-sewn cherry tomato decided to establish itself in the keyhole part of the garden, and I have allowed this one to grow. I have pruned it a bit and tied it back also since this photo was taken. It is now  just starting to fruit and is covered in yellow flowers and tiny green tomatoes.

I have also been busy dividing plants. Below are a couple of Agapanthus that I divided from the parent plant. 

I have also done the same with some Gerberas. 

I have divided and planted out strawberry runners.

Gazania is another plant that is easy to divide. I usually just cut through any plants that have grown over the edge of the garden, using a spade. I then separate the cut off plant into a few smaller pieces with root attached and then re-plant these in the garden. Though it doesn't really show in the photo below the Gazania I have growing is the one with the silver foliage, (Gazania rigens).

In a future post I will share some photos of the local native plants that appear without any effort on my part. 


  1. Sherri a relative recently bought ten lavender plants for her garden. I couldn't believe she spent $70 on lavender which I could have given her as it is so easy to propagate. I love the cherry tomatoes as they come up everywhere here. I have never had success growing any other type.

    1. I hope my lavender takes off Chel. I went to the plant nursery after work today and bought some white salvia seedlings, and some white alyssum seeds; and a red hippeastrum. I would have liked a couple more of the hippeastrums but they were too expensive.

  2. I love free plants! Like in your garden, cherry tomatoes pop up everywhere here and lettuce does too. At the moment, I have a little area of lettuce with so many seedlings of which I didn't plant a single one. Free salad! I have Gazanias too and like to divide society garlic and use it as an edging plant. One of my favourite self seeders is Queen Anne's Lace (I think it's also known as wild carrot). I started out with just two small plants from my favourite little nursery and now, every Spring, more and more pop up. All free!

    1. Queen Anne's Lace is so pretty. I haven't grown any in years now, but I used to love having it in the garden.