Sunday, 14 August 2016

In My Garden - August 2016

"Edna turned the fiat into the driveway of Cruden Farm and was delighted by the landscape; it was a lovely pastoral setting"  ~ The Unusual Life of Edna Walling by Sara Hardy

Keyhole garden bed with composting basket in the middle, growing strawberries, lettuce, beetroot, spring onion, and hidden from sight a volunteer cherry tomato.

July turned out to be a month of contrasts. Some cold winter days and some beautiful warm days. The rain kept me indoors when I wanted to be in the garden, but I managed to get quite a bit done anyway. Don pruned all the dead leaves off the banana trees and mulched the dead leaves. This mulch is now sitting in one of my mulch/compost bays. I topped up the soil in my keyhole garden and I now have growing there spring onion, strawberries, lettuce, beetroot and a volunteer cherry tomato growing up from inside one of the blocks.  I divided one of my gerberas, so if all divided plants grow I will have three more gerberas than before. I also re-potted a lot of my potted plants into larger pots.

August began cold and wintery, but has warmed up in the last few days. Don has already this month pruned a grapefruit tree that was very much overdue for some attention. The mulberry tree is already coming into fruit. The crows discovered the lemon tree and ate the last of the lemons. I wasn't aware that birds would eat lemons.  The cumquat tree I have growing in a pot is bearing more tiny fruit while the larger fruit is still ripening.

This month I would like to plant some Cosmos in the garden if I can find seedlings of a colour I like. I really need to prune my hibiscus to allow the shoots to harden off before enrose mites emerge. Native plants that have finished flowering will also receive a haircut.

I want to do lots of mulching this month in preparation for the hotter months when I find it harder to spend lots of time in the garden. 

One of our composting systems

Tool maintenance is also on my to do list for this month.

What are you planning on doing in the garden this month?


  1. You have reminded me to get some flowers planted amongst the vegetables to attract bees......on the to-do list now.

    1. I had two lovely portulaca plants growing in my keyhole garden last season. There were so many bees hanging around those two plants - honey bees, blue banded bees and the tiny native bees. They used to start trying to enter the flowers of a morning before the flowers had opened. I have moved those two plants into other gardens now. I think I might pop some sweet alice in the keyhole garden this season.

  2. I would have never thought that birds would eat lemons. It's so weird to hear that your August was cold and wintery- being on the other side of the equator, my August was very hot and humid. I have tons to do this month with getting my fall and winter stuff planted while trying to keep up with harvests.

    1. I was really surprised that the crows ate the lemons, it doesn't bode well for my other fruit trees. If they eat lemons they are bound to think they have struck gold when the mango trees are fruiting. Oh, I will take cold and wintery over hot and humid any time. You do so well with all you do in summer. The heat and humidity forces me into the garden before dawn and again late in the afternoon; I spend the rest of the day trying to stay cool.