Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Investing in a new tomorrow

"… people (like you and me) can change 
the world by changing what they do 
in their own lives." 
                                                             ~Will Sutherland

I believe I create my tomorrow by what I do today. So to create the future I want, I invest small amounts of effort  every day in developing new habits. Not many, just one or two changes at a time to which I commit until they become natural and automatic. This accumulation of small changes become an investment in my tomorrow.

To do lists and planners help keep me organised, but it's my passions that move me forward on my journey. My passions and desires fuel my momentum. My passions remain the same as I have already described earlier on this blog; creating a self-supporting home;  thriving through thrift; enjoying the comforts of home;  and living by the values that are important to me.

I remain connected to my passions and desires using interior processes such as journaling, self-reflection, meditation and visualisation.  Using these processes I  can reframe any situation and move in the direction I want right now. I know that only I can decide the meaning of anything that happens in my life.

"Whoever has resigned himself 
to fate,  will find that fate 
accepts his resignation."


  1. This is so very true Sherri, and something I needed to hear just now. In a way I have been living with a foot in two very different worlds, trying not to offend people of the old world, but fearful of fully committing to the new. I have been making the changes and developing the new habits over the last few years but still need to fully create the future I want. I'm working on it!

    1. I think the future we want may always be that little further down the road because as we move toward it we gain new insights and information that clarify what it is we are really moving toward and this triggers us to release some things while introducing other things.

  2. Developing new habits takes a little bit of time doesn't it, Sherri? However just concentrating on changing a little each day results in success.

    1. It does take time and patience and perseverance Chel. I am not sure, but I think I am getting better at the perseverance part. :-)