Tuesday, 17 May 2016


"When you embrace change you get it working in your favour"

Who among you "does affirmations?" I have been doing them on and off for years. I use them as a "treatment" for problems. For example if is someone at work is upsetting me I will use the affirmation "Such and such is a golden link in my chain of good." This brings me feelings of relief as I know I cannot change the other person, the only person I can change is myself and this usually means changing my perceptions about other people or situations. After saying this affirmation to myself repeatedly I eventually reach a point where I can start perceiving the person and the situation in another way.  By "repeatedly" I mean days, weeks or in the case of one person, years. 

I remember at one job there was co-worker who I found extremely challenging to work with and caused me on many occasions to consider leaving my job. I tried the usual ways in dealing with the relationship, one on one with the person, speaking to my supervisor, nothing resolved the problem and I was going to work full of resentment and bitterness day after day. I started using the "golden link" affirmation along with other affirmations on and off for a couple of years. There was no immediate change, but I did start to feel more hopeful about working with this person. This was in spite of the fact that every interaction between myself and this individual left me upset and agitated. One day I realised I was allowing this other person to make me feel bad for long periods of time, in effect I would sit there stewing while everyone else at work was oblivious to how I was feeling. So I changed; after every interaction with this person upset me, I would say to myself, "You are not going to think about this any longer, you are going to think about something that makes you happy," and I would. Or I would repeat an affirmation a few times, and then I was able to get on with my work with a clear head. Later on in when I was over the incident, I would stop and deliberately spend a few moments thinking about the positive aspects of this person. Over a couple of years I actually got to the point where I was able to enjoy working with this individual by appreciating their positive qualities and characteristics. The situation eventually resolved itself in a way that I had never anticipated.

I don't make a religious practice out of doing affirmations. By that I mean I don't do them daily, week in and week out. But if a situation or condition is causing me stress I will change my thoughts about that situation using an affirmation. The feeling of hopeful possibilities engendered by saying the affirmation always bring about a feeling of relief. Of course I am not saying I only rely on affirmations exclusively to deal with difficulties. Positive action is often an important ingredient in working my way through difficult times. However there are times when one is in a "holding pattern" when you are waiting for something to happen before being able to take positive action. Waiting for medical test results is a good example, when the only positive  thing I can do is repeat affirmations in order to deal with fear and negative feelings.

What caused me to start thinking along these lines this morning was that I hadn't "done" any affirmations for several weeks. I felt like doing some this morning, not for any reason, just because I felt like it. So I did some "reps" and it felt so good, I was happy and content before I did my affirmations but after I felt even more positive and light.

My "go to" affirmations:

I am loveable and capable

I choose to fill my world with joy

I have a wonderful job in a wonderful way, I give wonderful service for wonderful pay.

I am well, and perfect health is mine.

"Name" is a golden link in my chain of good

I am unmoved by appearances and appearances change

I am blessed beyond my fondest dreams

I have the magic purse of the spirit, as money goes out money comes back in, it is jammed, crammed with abundance.

Do you use affirmations?


  1. Hello Sherri,
    I admire your ability to stay working in a very difficult situation. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done it. I like the affirmation 'Everything is unfolding as it should'. When things may not be going so well I find it a useful reminder that the situation will sort itself out, usually for the better.

    1. Hi Jo, "Everything is unfolding as it should," I like that affirmation, just saying it relieves tension and reminds me that I don't know how things will turn out. Very often something that looks and feels negative turns out to be a positive. Thank you for sharing that.

  2. Very interesting, Sherri. In my case I would call them prayers. Some people are very difficult to be around so one must find a way of dealing with the situation as you just know they have no plans to change. ;-)

    1. Yes Chel and some of the best affirmations come from scriptures, I have one in particular from Proverbs that I turn to for support.