Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Housework Routine - Part 3

'Well, now, there is one very excellent, necessary, and womanly accomplishment that no girl should be without for it is a help to rich and poor, and the comfort of families depends upon it. This fine talent is neglected nowadays, and considered old fashioned, which is a sad mistake, and one I don't mean to make in bringing up my girl." 

~Dr Alec
Eight Cousins
By Louisa May Alcott

The accomplishment Dr Alec was describing to his niece Rose in this wonderful novel by Louise May Alcott, was that of housekeeping. The young Rose was very surprised that her uncle held something so ordinary in such high esteem. Later in the conversation he referred to housekeeping as the "most beautiful as well as useful of all the arts a woman can learn." There is a lot involved in learning to become "a skillful, frugal cheerful housewife; the maker and keeper of a happy home." This is the attitude I work at maintaining with regard to my house keeping and why I am trying to re-create a housework routine that helps maintain order in my home and peace in my heart, and creates the space both physical and mental for other important life activities. 

So in part 2 did you wonder why I never mentioned cooking dinner? That is because my husband and I both cook dinner. Sometimes he cooks, and sometimes I cook, sometimes we cook together, and other times we have leftovers. If I am not cooking dinner in the evening I try and get something else done, as you will see in my routine below. Sundays are not included in my schedule as I try to keep Sunday as quiet and slow as possible. So listed below are my scheduled chores that are in addition to my daily routine. 

Menu plan
Cook Dinner/Dusting  

Cook Dinner/Fold Washing and Tidy House

Cook Dinner/Clean a window/Clean a ceiling fan
Write shopping list
Wash Towels - this is in addition to the daily load of washing

Grocery Shopping
Cook Dinner/Ironing
Wash Sheets - yes I have a bottom and a top sheet. I know it is quite trendy to go without a top sheet these days but I don't have time to wash and dry a doona/duvet  or quilt cover every week.

On Friday we usually have an easy dinner like toasted sandwiches.

First and Third Saturday of the month
I spend a lot of time in the garden and I try and catch up on some reading.

Second Saturday of the month is baking day.

The fourth Saturday of the month is a general catch up. On this day I may also visit op shops, garage sales or markets.

Well, I think that just about covers my home keeping routine. 


  1. I find sticking to a routine difficult Sherri, other than the daily tasks I always do - much similar to yours except I sweep daily and vacuum weekly. Somehow or other, most things get done as they need doing however, particularly as Pete has retired and I have an extra pair of hands. I write lots of lists, and this helps as I enjoy ticking things off.

    1. I am a bit of a list maker too Hutchy. An extra pair of hand is always handy around the house.

  2. Thank you for sharing! It has been over helpful. Angela

  3. 4th Saturday of the month is something I could get right in to.

    1. Yes it is good to get out and check out the op shops and markets from time to time.

    2. Love op shopping! Great idea to add it to your routine - that way you have to get it done as it is on the list!

    3. We have found some items when out op-shopping that have proved very useful once we have re-purposed them. Often when we need something I try to find something we already have that can be used or re-purposed and then the next thing I try is the op-shops

  4. A hubby who cooks dinner....Sherri I am green! :-)

    1. I am lucky. I was at the hairdresser this evening and I left the recipe for tonight's dinner on the kitchen bench. Dinner was waiting when I arrived home. And the dishes were done too.

  5. Sherri,
    I like your routine plan. I think most households should try to attempt some kind of routine no matter how simple as it does seem to keep everything going smoothly.

    1. Thanks Shiralee, I agree that a routine helps to keep things running smoothly. What I am hoping to do is to create some new habits.