Monday, 8 June 2015

Housework Routine - Drudgery or a Supportive Framework Pt 2

In part one of this post I wrote how I find a routine is a supportive framework that enables me to  look after my home and keep my life organised. It also safeguards  the things I hold dear, because I allow time in my routine for things that are important for my future self; like exercise and study, and for things that nourish me like craft and reading. And as can be seen from the above quote regarding Feng Shui and one's home, the way I manage my home-keeping duties could even affect my prosperity. 

This is what I would love to be able to say my routine looks like. Oh, if only I were able to get that much done in so short a time! My routine is very different and at the same time nothing remarkable. You may remember when I first wrote about establishing a routine I wrote that if the new three weekly routine wasn't the right routine for me I would review and change it. Well that has turned out to be the case and I have made some adjustments. However I will share my routine as it is now.


Make the bed.
One load of washing.
Vacuum the house
Wipe over the bathroom basin and laundry sinks in the evening, using baking soda. Don does the kitchen sink.
Wipe over shower walls with a squidgee and spray with Method daily shower spray. This only takes a couple of minutes after a shower.
Exercise on the treadmill
Water the vegetable garden - truthfully Don usually does the watering. But I keep it on my list in case I need to follow up on it instead.
Spend a bit of time working on a crochet or knitting project at night. This helps me wind down and relax before going to bed.

Now I don't always achieve this every day. Remember I am trying to create new habits here. However if I only vacuum the lounge and kitchen today, and the bedrooms tomorrow, and the rest of the house the day after that, then that is OK. Now aside from my daily routine, there are things I do on certain days, and I will write about that part of my routine in my next post.



  1. Thank you for sharing. It always amazes me that what I do day in and out is a routine, but not I would not say that.

    1. I think most of us have some sort of structure to our days and probably don't recognise that as a routine. What prompted me to adjust my routine was my dwindling free time and the desire not to neglect things that were important to me as an individual.

  2. Oh, I crave the day I can go back to this type of routine. Enjoy it for us both in the meantime :-)

    1. Yes, I understand Phil. Going with the flow is an important too, as sometimes it is all we can do until circumstances change.

  3. I do love to have a routine set up. I find on the days when I end up 'winging it', I never achieve as much and always feel dissatisfied by the end of the day.