Saturday, 6 June 2015

Australia's Aged Care System is Changing

From July 1 the aged care system in Australia will change. This may be of interest to you if you use aged care services or home and community care (HACC) service; or a carer for someone who uses these services.

The Commonwealth Home Support Program will commence operation on this date. You can read more about it here.

On this date too, all Home Care Packages will become consumer directed care packages. 

Further information on these changes can be found on the My Aged Care website and on the Department of Social Services website.


  1. Sherri, I tried to comment again this morning on Bloglovin and it failed ....again! Aha I see you have Google Friend Connect so I will join up with that. Did you have that before as I thought I looked for it and couldn't see it as it is so much easier to follow a blog on there than with Bloglovin on the iPad. I will check out those links you have given as I haven't heard about those changes not that we are at that age yet.

  2. Hi Chel, I only worked out how to add the Google friend connect gadget today - yep it is no wonder my husband calls me slomo (short for slow motion) sometimes.

    It's good to be abreast of the changes in case someone you know needs help and does not know where to go to get that help. So many people over 65 years of age need just a little bit of help - maybe with the heavier housework, or to find a social group to join. This is where programs like the new Home Support program can help. People who need more assistance can organise a Home Care Package just by contacting the same phone number shown in the photo.