Sunday, 31 May 2015

What Sherri Did - in May 2015

All man's miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.
~ Blaise Pascal

In General

Life is getting busier and busier as the year goes on. I am experiencing less time to sit quietly alone and think. As an INFJ personality type I NEED my down time. However I know and trust that on this carousel of life, I will come around again to the point where things will slow for a time. And then I will enjoy some time to sit quietly in a room alone and ponder the universe and its themes.

As mention in this post, I attended a women's workshop in May. The following weekend my sister, niece and I got together to make vision boards for ourselves.  We enjoyed our play time very much. After we packed up all the gear we used for making our vision boards, we played board games. Then later on we worked on our knitting and crochet. 

What I have been reading

The 5:2 Diet Recipe Book, published by Bounty Books.

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do by Amy Morin

The Sugar-Free Kitchen published by Parragon Books

What I have been watching

Back to the slave pen? Does your day job ever feel like you have been penned? This is a short extract of a video interview with Scott Nearing. 

Best of the Web

I was so excited to find this article on 14 easy ways to bring more flavor to your food. Why didn't they teach me these things in Home Ec at high school? Perhaps they did and I forgot. 

The article above mentioned 'brunoise' and I didn't have a clue what that was, so I did some research and found these instructions on how to dice, julienne, brunoise and batonnet. Which just goes to show that one is never to old to learn new skills. 

I think these bath bombs are a great idea.

I found this article on the mindset of millionaires interesting especially the bit toward the end of the article about fear motivating them to try harder. 

After reading this article I have been keeping my eggshells to put around my plants in the garden.

Is the middle class disappearing? The results of this Gallup survey shows that fewer Americans are identifying as middle class.

I took a trip down memory lane with this post on the Transcontinental hotel. My first job was in an office in a building on the other side of the hotel. In the photo of the hotel as it is today you can see a brown brick building next door. There used to be a second hand/antquarian bookshop in that building. I think it was called Hollywell Street Bookstore. It was in this shop I bought a certain book written by John Seymour that left a lasting impression on me.

Permaculture Studies

I have submitted my paper on appropriate technologies. For this paper I looked at upgrading the irrigation system on our property. 

I am working, working, working on animal profiles. I have to complete ten profiles in all. It is a lengthy, time consuming assignment. 


  1. Well Sherri - as an INFP I also understand the need for time alone. but really it is the NF bit that makes us so unique.
    The 5:2 approach to eating is really quite ancient - worth a shot.

    1. I followed the 5:2 plan a couple of years back. But I thought I would check out the book for some recipes and give the eating plan another go.

  2. I've been away for a while Sherri and had down time from the digital world. Looking forward to catching up starting with all your great links. Looking forward also to getting back to all my routines.

    1. Hi Hutchy, I find down time from the digital world is a good way of maintaining balance and keeping things in perspective. I hope you enjoy the links.