Monday, 30 March 2015

What Sherri Did in March

In General

During March we drove up Gladstone way to visit my mother in law. My husband's brother and his wife had driven across from Western Australia. As they live in WA and we live in Queensland this was the first time I have met them in person, though we have spoken on the phone of course.  It was lovely spending time with them.

We stayed here , so I could sneak away for rests and Nana naps.

What I have been reading

  • A new language for life - Happy no matter what! By Louis Koster. This from the book caught my attention:

 " When my financial situation was difficult, I decided to move my attention away from what I was lacking. I started to acknowledge what I was grateful for in my life.

Realising that life manifests as a response to my state of being, I created a focus on serving and giving with every patient who came into my surgery. Serving and giving reflect a state of abundance. Slowly my finances turned around and abundance manifested in my life".

  • Mrs de Winter by Alice Hill. This was written as a sequel to Daphne Du Maurier's "Rebecca"

This is from the outside of the accommodation.
It was across the road from the Boyne River. The gardens were very nice.

What I have been watching

Could you be a latebloomer? I found this report from the CBS News site interesting.  

Best of the web

What I have enjoyed most this month from the web;
  •  Be kind to your future self resonates with me because it is using the same type of perspective as I use when trying to live deliberately.  
  • Interested in keeping bees? How about a hive that has honey on tap? My husband cut this article on the Flow Hive out of the newspaper and bought it home for me to read. It is too good not to share hence the link.

These coat hooks were mounted by the front door. Very sweet. 

Permaculture Studies

I have carried out soil testing and water testing on my property. 
I have submitted worksheets on;
  •  Local water data and observation of water flows on the property,
  • The results of the soil testing
  • Home Energy audit

How was your March? 


  1. Oh, I resonate with the late bloomer thing - thanks for that link.

    1. Yeah, me too. My favourite is Harland Sanders who started Kentucky Fried Chicken after the age 65.

  2. Goodness me Sherri, I just realised it is the last day of March! Thanks for reminding me and thanks for the links.

    1. Remember tomorrow is April 1st, don't get caught!

  3. Thanks for the Suburban Jubilee link. Gave me a laugh too. Enjoyed reading some posts on this blog about Tasmania, where I grew up.

    1. I loved that post. I thought it was very gutsy of her to post the photos of how she sees herself without glasses and how she really appears. Beautiful candour.

  4. It seems that you have had a month in which you have grown mentally and academically. Bravo! This month has seen me with a lot of focus on the mind.

    1. I really enjoy leaning new ideas and skills. Focusing on the mind is so important and there are so many tools we can use, present moment awareness, cognitive behavioral therapy, affirmations, meditation and the list goes on.