Sunday, 8 March 2015

In my Garden in March, 2015

"A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust."
~Gertrude Jekyll

Hooray it is Autumn! March is still a hot month here in sub-tropical Queensland. I consider the Easter break as the divide between summer heat and autumn's cooler weather. We have been picking passionfruit over the last few weeks. Our new plants -  the callistemon, fraser island creeper and the jasmin - are doing well. 

So what things do I want to do in the garden this month?

Remove the excess suckers and the dead leaves from the bananas and apply organic fertiliser pellets. One bucket full per tree.

 Lychees reach peak water needs this month, so I need to keep my tree well watered.

I would like to plant tomatoes and zucchini this month. I have read that it is good to prepare the ground before planting tomatoes by applying a handful of dolomite as it helps prevent blossom end rot.

We had some branches down and this tree was uprooted by TC Marcia.

I have some dracena and cordylines that need trimming and I would like to get that done during the month, I can use the prunings to fill in spaces in the garden. I have a gardenia that needs pruning, once pruned I can fertilise all the gardenias.

 I am hoping Don will find the time to prune our largest mango tree. It has become too big for gathering fruit.  I also need to find the time to  apply potash to the mango trees, I will use wood ash, and this will supply the trees with potassium. As wood ash acts as a liming agent, it also deacidifies the soil. The calcium in the wood ash raises the pH. As well as potassium and calcium, wood ash also contains magnesium. It is also time to feed the mangos with organic fertiliser pellets or compost.


My mandarin tree and my lemon tree need skirting. I can also feed the citrus, once again with either compost or organic fertilser pellets. 

 Fertilser can now be applied to my ginger - they apparently like chicken manure .

What are you planning to do in the garden in March?


  1. While the world is waking here, your world is readying to go to sleep. :) Do you actually get banana's from your trees? I would love that.

  2. Yes our bananas fruit. However I need to buy some of those bags that are put over the bananas to stop the wildlife eating them. Although at the moment the wildlife seems to be more interested in eating the passionfruit.

  3. you have an interesting garden & am looking forward to the cooler months too & for the never ending mowing to slow down!
    thanx for sharing

    1. Yes the best gardening months of the year are close now. My favourite month for working in the garden is July. The mowing is never ending at the moment, you are so right about that. My neighbour was saying on the weekend that as he mows his grass he can hear it growing up behind him! I am also having so much trouble keeping up with the weeds at present.

  4. It looks like autumn will be a wonderful gardening time for you! I love the quote you have at the top and I love that you can grow ginger! That's awesome!

    So nice to visit with you!

    1. Welcome Sharon and thank you for visiting. I think many gardeners in Queensland are excited by the arrival of autumn. Yes, ginger is a wonderful plant and I am grateful we have the climate for it.