Thursday, 26 February 2015

Introducing Thriving Through Thrift Thursday

"You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift."
~William J. H. Boetcker

Thrift is the wise management one's resources - time, property, relationships and networks, and money. It is not about being miserly or extreme.  Thrifts  core ideas are industry and conservation.  I have decided to begin a new series - Thriving Through Thrift Thursdays . I will aim to have one Thriving Through Thrift Thursday post about every month or so.

In these I will include what I have been doing in my journey towards  'thriving thought thrift'. I will also randomly include any new learning or discovery I have made that have about thrift and what it means to thrive through thrift.

What I have done this month to thrive through thrift.


  • Continued making granny squares for a bed throw.
  • Baked two zucchini slices for work lunches.
  • Baked a cinnamon tea cake; a ginger cake with lemon icing; and a buttercake with passionfruit icing - the passionfruit were home grown.
  • Baked chocolate slice; peanut butter slice; and matrimonial slice
  • Made corn fritters
  • Prepared weekly menus for dinners
  • Prepared shopping lists for grocery shopping



I have saved time by:

 Installing a squidgee in my shower. I now wipe over the shower walls after every shower and then spray with Method daily shower spray. This has kept my shower clean and extends the time between full shower cleans and lessens the time it takes to do a full shower clean.

When cooking rice during the week I make extra.  I then use the cooked rice to prepare a simple fried rice during the week for lunches, or for side-dish at dinner. This means I don't have to cook another lot of rice, and is saving time and electricity. If I have no left over meat to use in the fried rice, I thaw a small amount of diced bacon and use that. This is also a good way of using up left over vegetables.

I have prevented waste by:
 I use up vegetables that might otherwise be wasted by adding them to my zucchini slice mixture. Last week it was cherry tomatoes and carrot.
New practices
 I was not aware just how much money we were spending daily on everyday things. Now I am very good at home budgeting. But I have never bothered to track just how much money was going out day to day. One of the reasons I am now finding it easier to track my spending is because I am using my bullet journal as the place I record this information. I wrote a bit about my bullet journal in this post.  I have only just started and find the results revealing even after only a week of tracking. When I estimated how much we had spent for the week and then went and checked the tracker I found that I had underestimated our spending by around 20%.

I have also started to use the junk mail catalogues as a resource for 'shopping the specials'. In the last two to three weeks I have read the catalogues and ringed the items I have identified as a worthwhile special. For instance shampoo that is marked down from $18 to $10 a bottle. So far by using this method I have made savings of $27 this week and $40 on groceries earlier this month, but I have forgotten to keep records of my savings. So I will try and track my savings better for my next Thriving Through Thrift Thursday post.

Don's thrift
This month Don changed the mower blades and serviced the ride on mower.
Sanded and repainted the linen closet doors

Now it's over to you, what have you been doing to "Thrive through thrift".


  1. Not going shopping is a good way to be thrifty, Sherri. Most of the money I spend apart from the normal bills is for food as I don't buy many clothes anymore since I have retired. I could bring that food bill down if I really tried so might challenge myself to do that.

    1. Oh I agree. If I don't know it exists then I can't want it. I hope though by monitoring what I am doing I can start saving more and spending less, both in time and money. Food takes up a large part of our spending too, I am trying to be a better grocery shopper as well as much less wasteful. In the past I have always explained away our household food waste as the fallout of a busy life. But now I am working at being more careful with regard to using the food I have on hand rather than it going to waste.

  2. Loving the alliteration th, th, th, th :-) very clever. For me the aim is to only go out once and have all my going out chores done in one trip

    1. Thanks Phil. Yes doing everything in one trip saves time and money. That is an area where I can really improve. And that just gave me another idea, as the weather becomes a bit cooler I can walk to the local shop when I only have a couple of things to get and combine exercise and errands.