Monday, 29 December 2014

What Sherri Did - In December

"I write myself into well-being." ~Nancy Mavis

This is the first of my monthly round up posts. I am calling them "What Sherri Did" as a nod to one of my favourite childhood books, "What Katy Did" by Susan Coolidge. Did you read the Katy series when you were a child? I read the first three in the series when I was young and  found the fourth "Clover" on line earlier this month.

In General

The renovations on our kitchen started the first of the month and finished on the 10th. The renovations were due to a burst pipe under our kitchen sink. 

I had my first post treatment specialist appointment and received the OK to commence a gradual return to work from next month.

I also stopped wearing head scarfs earlier this month. Although my hair is not very thick as yet and is still slightly patchy I have enough that it looks like a very short hair cut. 

I had an early Christmas celebration with my sister and niece. The reason for this is because my niece is very popular at holiday time and gets to holiday away from home with different family members. 

We donated a 20 kilo bag of dog food to the RSPCA this month. I wanted to bring a dog home from the shelter with me, but hubby said no. So my neighbour went out and bought me a dog for Christmas. This is a photo of my new dog.

What I have been reading this month

  • Simple Abundance - A Day Book of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach (I read this throughout the year.)
  • Think, Why Crucial Decisions Can't Be Made in the Blink of an Eye, by Micahel Le Gault
  • Clover by Susan Coolidge


  • Matrimonial Slice
  • Gingernut biscuits (cookies)
  • Cheese and Bacon loaf

What I have been watching

I like to watch the Money Minute on the Today show. I thought Ross Greenwood's discussion on December 10th about the country living beyond it's means very interesting. You can watch it here.   Ross told us that the message from some of Australia's most powerful bureaucrats is "people accept that your lifestyle is going backward".  

Contrast this to the simple living message of living within our means. Those of us who pursue this way of life are actually building a cushion to help through the hard times. Ross' segment of the Today show ran with the caption "Here's your wake-up call". Well it seems to me that many people have already had their wake up call and are learning to live with the principles of thrift and prudence. We are learning to husband our resources. We are learning new home keeping skills. The great re-skilling is the name given to this phenomenon by the transition towns movement.

I have caught up on the following Jeff Lawton videos;
  •  "$500 House";
  •  "Permaculture in Paradise"; In this video Geoff Lawton states "This is a system that can be replicated by anybody. It's just a matter of making sensible links between fast cycles leading to slower, permanent cycles, reducing your workload increasing your efficiency, and ending up in a really productive, extremely healthy lifestyle.";
  • "Permaculture for Profit";  Farmer Mark Shepard makes some terrific points in this 14 minute video "All the systems are patterned after nature. I think that's the most significant thing of what we're doing, is these are systems that have been observed in nature, plant communities that live with each other and have lived with each other for millions of years." And, "The less you do the less you have to earn in order to have a net profit that's greater ….. Our costs are as close to zero as we can possibly get them and the yield is essentially free except for the harvest cost."  At times we are told don't save seeds from your fruit because it won't come true to type,  this guy has great yields from fruit trees grown from seed.  If you haven't seen Geoff Lawton's videos, you can check them out at

Permaculture Studies

I submitted one worksheet/assignment this month.
I made a hot compost pile.

What I liked most from the web

  • This post about younger people taking the lead in simple life, by Rhonda from Down to Earth. 
  • I have been following Annabel's preparedness series on her lovely blog the Bluebirds are nesting. You can find the first in the series here.
  • Gail Tverberg's post on 10 reasons why a severe drop in oil prices is a problem.
  • The Eco Cat Lady's series on how she got out of the rat race. This is the link to the first in the series.
  • And last but definitely not least the latest issue of the on-line magazine Sweet Living.

What I have been making or mending

  • I finished making a pair of winter pajama pants from a flannelette sheet that was no longer in use.
  • I shortened a maxi dress that I had not been wearing because its long length made it too hot.

What hubby did.

Mowing, mowing and more mowing. We have had nearly 200 ml (about 7.8 inches) of rain this month and coupled with the hot weather it is making the grass grow faster than Jack's Beanstalk.

Hubby's current project is fixing a side fence. He has put in one new lattice panel and painted the gate. Only one panel left to go.

He has also managed to go fishing a couple of times.

How was your December?


  1. wow you managed to get a lot done in one month, well done!
    yeh the grass has gone mad here too, i just got someone in to help mow too look like that was wasted it seems cos it's almost as long again & this time i can't afford to get someone in to help
    glad you had a good month!

    1. Thanks Selina. My husband just loves mowing. Go figure! I hate mowing. But this year I really need to come to grips with using the ride on mower, because mowing out the orchard area is supposed to be my chore, while my husband mows the rest of the property.

  2. Well done! I enjoyed your links. I really like the style of this post, keep it going. :) You have been a busy bee indeed.

    1. Thank you so much Brittany. I'm glad you enjoyed the links. I hope you and your family have a lovely 2015.