Monday, 3 November 2014


"Making a home is a form of creativity open to everyone"~ Terence Conran

Welcome to Making Haven. My name is Sherri. I am deeply interested creating a nourishing life that empowers one to thrive, and I will be exploring this theme throughout my blog. My husband and I are in the early stages of transition to our  small acreage property, 'Amblein', and together our intention is to  slowly create a self-supporting homestead that will provide for many of our needs.

I am studying Certificate IV in Permaculture which is an Australian nationally accredited program, and I have a deep, abiding love of gardening and a growing fascination for how soil health affects the growth of plants and their nutritive values. I also hold a diploma in Community Development as working together to create stronger, more resilient local communities is another passion of mine.

As mentioned, I have an abiding love of gardening, and I also love those household traditions that nourish mind, body and spirit. However, like many, earning a living and taking care of life's responsibilities took up most of my time, and I had to cram the things that gave me joy into the small recesses of my life as time allowed.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Treatment required that I travel every few weeks to Brisbane over five hours away and then a few days later travel home again. There were also side effects to the treatment. During these hours I paid a lot of attention to my thinking and my emotions. I felt it was important to both my mental and physical health to stay positive and hopeful. There were times it became hard and the words "what if…." floated into my mind. So I tried to spend some time each day in some of the following activities; meditation, prayer, listening to music,  doing gentle stretches, walking on the treadmill, reading,  and repeating positive statements, - these activities were a tremendous help to my achieving peace of mind, happiness and joy.  It was during also these hours I began to think about what I call my "Second Act".  What could I do to increase the joy in my life? What things were impeding my joy and could I decrease or even eliminate these things?  I also knew I wanted to increase feelings of love and security in my life and started to think and do research on how I might do this. I will write further on this in future blog entries.

My musings regarding my "Second Act" led me to decide I wanted to spend more time growing plants and in pursuing things that nourish me as a person. I knew that these things would allow me to thrive. Another decision I made was when my treatment was finished I would create a blog as an archive of the ideas and actions that might help me during this new period of my life.

So now I have entered my "Second Act" beginning to bud and put forth shoots of a different kind than those that grew earlier through my life, though the seeds were sown long ago in my "First Act." I hope my journey may also inspire others to grow, and nourish themselves in the ways best for them and our beautiful, amazing earth, and I also hope that perhaps this blog in some small way helps us all to thrive.

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