Thursday, 6 November 2014

In the Garden - November

“I may till and plant and weed and prune, but without honeybees to pollinate them, my crops would bear no fruit. These little creatures are my partners. We are stewards of the land together."
~ Faith Andrews Bedford

 Where I live the weather is really becoming hot and more humid. I find it really difficult to spend any time gardening during the heat and humidity, so I mostly confine my gardening activities to the early morning and late afternoon. As we are in the early stages of our homestead transition we have yet to plant a proper vegetable garden. I want to wait until I have progressed further in my permaculture studies before establishing any new garden beds.

Nevertheless, we do have some rather large ornamental beds to look after and a small orchard. So I still have plenty of work to keep me busy in the garden. My garden became rather neglected this year, as I was advised by medical staff not to work in the garden. However I was recently given the o.k. to return to gardening, though I have not done much as yet due to ongoing fatigue which is a side effect of the treatment I had.

Our neighbours recently gave us four trailer loads of mulch (howdy neighbours, and thank you kindly), and my husband has been applying it to our garden beds and orchard as time allows.

Here is a list of things I should be doing this month.

  • Set up fruit fly traps and coddling moth traps.
  • Fertilise the passionfruit
  • Prune the spent flowers on my callistemon (bottlebrush)
  • Prune my grevilleas by cutting of the spent flower heads and trimming any long, leggy, shoots by up to a third if they need it to promote bushiness.
  • Trim the new growth on the mulberry by about a third, once it has finished fruiting.
  • Weeding

I am very lucky because a lot of my native plants mentioned above are self-sown. I also have Dianella, flowering tea trees, grass trees and other native plants that I have yet to identify, that come up by themselves.

What are you doing in the garden this month?

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