Thursday, 27 November 2014

Around the Homestead - Preparing for storm season

"Organise, don’t agonise."
                    ~ Nancy Pelosi

Where I live it is now storm season. In previous years I had my emergency kit together, but not this year. For me, things are still a bit topsy-turvy and it will take a while to get back on an even keel. To help me this year I signed up for the "Get Ready Queensland" online program called "One Step at a Time. You can find more about the program here.  According to the website it will send me one simple task each week.  Simple sounds great to me. The first step I received by email was to save the phone number of State Emergency Service (SES) into my phones, landline and mobile. The phone number was included in the email. How simple is that? Done. Easy.

The website also contains a number of fact sheets explaining how to prepare emergency kits and evacuation plans.

Do you have a storm emergency kit? What do you have in it?

Another job around the "homestead" at this time of year is clearing the gutters of debris and making sure the down pipes are unobstructed. This is because we are on tank water. We also need to check the screens on the water tank inlets to make sure they are clean.

What jobs do you do around the home and garden to prepare for storm season in your area?

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